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Wine Knows tasting parties are an informative, high-impact tasting with an abundance of interaction! Whether you're interested in wine, spirits or beer we can tailor an event to fit your needs. It's as easy as 1...2...3... 

1. Choose a date and reserve it as soon as possible either by phone, email or filling out our form here.

  *We require a minimum of 3 weeks notice, special circumstances can apply

3. If catering is required this must be discussed at time of booking. Food pairing suggestions are given on request to help enhance the tasting experience, these suggestions can be simple appetizers or fancy meal creations.

2. Create your guest list and inform Wine Knows of approximate attendees. We can accommodate group sizes of 4 people up to 350 people.

 *We require a confirmed number of guests 1 week prior to  date.tasting

How to be prepared!

  • Wine Knows was created to educate and excite our clients about wines from around the world if your wine tasting party would like to focus on a specific style, region, varietal or theme, we will discuss at time of booking and bring the ideas to life.

  • 1 wine glass per guest is a must; wine glasses are for rent at $1/glass if requested.

  • Try to use a space that will encourage your guests to all be apart of the tasting process, i.e.: a large room or open concept kitchen works well. ​

  • On average a wine tasting party consists of 5-6 wines giving your guests 2ouces of each wine sampled and will take approximately 2-2.5 hours.

  • Payment is  made on the night of the tasting by  cash, cheque or e-transfer

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Let us worry about the rest, so that you and ​your guests can enjoy the tasting!

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